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Who are we?

Kaf Oud is the premier online perfume retailer, where you can find the most amazing perfumes

From this standpoint, we had the idea of “Kaf Al Oud”. This is an electronic market in which we have collected everything the consumer needs, including types of incense, oud oil, and supplies for perfuming and perfuming with the best essences extracted from various forests of the world that export oud.

We are keen to provide the best online shopping experience to our valued customers in Kuwait and around the world. Our greatest concern was to provide the finest types of incense and oud oil at the best prices, contrary to what some people think, that the electronic market always has high prices compared to popular markets specializing in incense and oud oil.

At KAF Oud, we emphasize that our products and prices are competitive. Rather, we guarantee all customers the right to exchange and return if the description does not match the quality shown.

We combined our expertise in incense, oud oil, marketing, customer service and other essential factors for any project and put them into the “Kaf Oud” template, which we are proud to be one of the largest electronic markets for incense and oud oil.

Our goal

At Bakhour Store, we aim to preserve the customs and traditions of the Kuwaiti market, at least. Maintaining the diversity of products, prices, quality, etc. is an important factor for the customer before the merchant. Because the customer is the foundation of every merchant's success.

The diversity of incense sources and types revitalizes the market and gives customers a wide scope to choose what suits them in terms of flavour, quality and price. The greater the diversity, the greater the price variation and thus the greater the benefit to the customer.

our values

The Kuwaiti market is known for providing the finest of everything, and from here we at Bakhoor Store have the most important value, which is maintaining that good reputation by providing the finest types of products at the best prices, through the method of packaging and even the method of customer service and delivering the product to the customer’s place. All of these things represent great value to us and we strive to master and preserve them.

We know very well that some of the negative issues spreading at the level of trade in general have prompted many consumers to leave local stores and turn to shopping online from international sites. There is no doubt that the world of incense is an integral part of this market and the fraud in it. Indeed, in the world of incense, fraud is more common than in others because it is easier for the main merchant in the forests, and even for the local merchant.

There are many methods of fraud, the simplest of which is selling incense as a certain type, while it is a completely different type. In addition to dyeing incense, filling it with harmful substances, and other negative matters that you can find explained and detailed on our website, specifically on the “Tips about incense” page, out of our belief in the necessity of contributing to educating the customer before we become only a source for sale.

Our mission

At KAF Oud, we believe that every merchant has the right to sell his goods at a price that covers his costs and makes a profit. But at the same time, we do not accept that well-known and famous products are sold at unrealistic prices. We will not allow ourselves - at least - to contribute to this unhealthy matter. We strive to provide the best at the best price.

We strive to reach the highest levels of excellence, whether it is quality, price or even customer service. We guarantee to our valued customers that we provide them with products that suit them at the best possible price. We are honored to receive any complaint regarding a specific quality or price, and we promise to look into it and decide on it directly to the satisfaction of us and our customers in the first place.

Our strategy

At KAF Oud, we promise to change the concept of online shopping for incense. We provide you with high-quality customer service through which we aim to spread the culture of incense to consumers through our social media channels.

At KAF Oud, we believe that it is our duty to educate the customer and explain all aspects of the product from the time it is extracted from the forest until it reaches our website before selling it. We provide our valued customers with a comprehensive explanation of each product. We pledge that the existing description matches the product 100%.

We are honored to receive any question or inquiry related to the world of incense and oud through our various channels and through e-mail. We care about spreading culture as much as we care about marketing our products. Regarding Kambut

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