Return, Refund and Shipping Policy

Kaf Al Oud incense is a trademark registered with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in the State of Kuwait and is subject to all its laws, and provides its services to its customers in all countries of the world.

At Kaf Al Oud, we pledge that all types of incense and oud oil displayed on our website are 100% natural. We do not provide our customers with any “artificial” or even improved natural incense, nor do we provide “artificial” ointments or those in which chemicals are included. We guarantee the quality as described in the explanation of each type.

– Every customer has the right to exchange or return the product if the description does not match the quality. Provided that the use of incense does not exceed three grams, which is equivalent to one to three small crumbs, and with regard to the level of oud oil, the experiment is done on the clothes and not directly on the skin. The customer has the right to recover the full amount paid immediately if the payment was in cash, or within 48 working hours if it was by bank cards.

Delivery fees within Kuwait depend on the value of the invoice. If the total invoice is seventy dinars or more, delivery is free. Other than that, the delivery fee is fixed in all regions at two dinars. As for the Arab Gulf countries and the rest of the world, the fees are 7 Kuwaiti dinars (fixed) or its equivalent in other currencies. While delivery is free if purchases are worth 250 dinars or more.

– Delivery within Kuwait on the same day, from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm, through approved delivery companies, taking into account exceptional circumstances. As for the Gulf countries and the rest of the world, delivery is within two working days from the date of completing the order via the international shipping company DHL. However, if the shipment contains (perfume), it takes a maximum of five working days.

Some countries impose additional fees on international shipping based on different matters that change on a daily basis, and although these additional fees are very rare, we disclaim responsibility for them since these fees have nothing to do with the shipping company, but go to the government agency in the country to which they are sent.

We provide many payment methods such as KNET, Visa, MasterCard, and cash. As for orders from Gulf countries and the world, payment is made through credit cards or bank transfer.

– All photographs and videos are copyrighted and reserved to Kaf Al Oud, and their copying and use is prohibited. Any violation of these rights exposes the owner to legal accountability.

Shopping on our website requires entering some personal data such as name, phone number, full address, and email.

Once you enter this data, you agree that we will have a copy of it to use for the purposes of delivering the product and communicating with you.

We fully realize the importance of maintaining each customer’s personal data at the highest levels. From this standpoint, we confirm and pledge that all customer data is kept in complete confidentiality within private “servers.” This data will not be shared or traded with any third party at all.

– At KAF Oud, through our website, our social media accounts, or any method of communication, we will never request your bank account information directly. Data is only required if the customer reaches the payment page, which is 100% secured in cooperation with the approved Kuwaiti “Upayment” company to collect funds. We acknowledge that at Caf Al Oud, we will not have any copy of the bank data for all customers.

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